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Who we are
How we Curate

Three friends with varied backgrounds and a unique perspective of the world - a law graduate, a thespian, and a techie - came to realize that as sustainability becomes a key attribute for brands all around us, there is a major gap in understanding how to make it a lifestyle choice for the consumer. Hence, it is essential to reverse the damage we have done to our surroundings, or at least to stop it in its course, by making modern, mindful and low impact products more convenient for the new-age buyer who only wants the best. This can only be possible if we create a growth- oriented and supportive ecosystem for conscious and homegrown brands who get lost in the jungles of mass- produced commercial products. As unprecedented as the times can be, our vision is to create a hassle-free online shopping experience for those who care about the home for your soul, and the home for all humankind. We exist to conserve fair business practices that stand the test of time. Our aim is to give our customers the best quality products made with only Eco-friendly and ethically sourced ingredients that do the least harm.

You can trust that each brand you see on the website has been selected through a multi-level screening process, keeping in mind that they align completely with our values and ethics.

We check our products on its impact at each stage - How it is made, what are the raw materials and ingredients used and how are they sourced, how it is packaged, and how it gets disposed.

We make sure that every product on our platform has been carefully handpicked by our team in order to bring you the best. We also test each one out for you, so you don't have to.


Think Earthly.
Think now.

Our land is gifted with the choicest of resources along with a rich cultural heritage that was well ahead of its time when it comes to sustainable practices. These practices continue to survive in traditional communities in the diverse cultural fabric of India. Lessons from the past combined with today's efficient technology gives ample scope to innovate and transform how and what people buy. Our aim is to enable these artisans and new-age innovators and provide our customers the most immersive, reliable, and guilt-free shopping experience. Our focus as an ethical and earth-friendly marketplace is to dispel the notion that trust, and convenience come at the cost of our health and the planet's. At Earthly Tribe, we are building an economically and socially fair ecosystem where buyers and sellers with futuristic mindsets can find each other. All this, with the same level of accessibility and availability customers are used to. The question is not why, but why not? And for the sake of our existence, why not soon enough?


If doing the right thing was
easy, every one would do it.
We make it easy.



Sustainability is the balance that enables human beings and nature to coexist. It encompasses the attitudes and choices we make everyday looking forward to a fulfilling future.


Consciousness is the true awareness and insight of one’s self and surroundings. It is to train our minds to be catalysts in this great change. It is the realization that leads us on a better path.


Innovation is the birth of new ideas, and ideas are the beginning of phenomena. To find the balance between sustainability, convenience and productivity, we will have to get our quirks on. One bizarre idea can transform the future.